How badly do you want it?

A friend of mine is a really talented artist. She does it for a living and as a hobby and has built a very successful career from it.

One day she was at my place and showed up with her current work in progress, some paints and her brush.

She didn’t want to let me down on a catch up coffee but also had a deadline to meet, so being the person she is, she just multi-tasked.

As she sat there talking with me (and actually listening too), I observed her sitting there with the canvas resting on her thigh, mixing paint on the back of her hand and painting away only stopping to occasionally rub her brush on her shirt.

I sat there fascinated thinking about all the times in life I’ve heard myself and others explain reasons for not being able to achieve things. No time, no special piece of equipment, no money, too distracted, not the right timing or weather etc.

Yet she sat there without a creative studio, without an easel, without even a palette.

She went on to sell that piece of art for $10,000 and when I asked her about how she managed to do that without any excuses.  Her reply? I don’t NEED those things to paint – obviously.

What opportunities in your life have you missed out on because you created a big list of ‘needs’? Needs that you’ve set by yourself (and are’t necessarily accurate) and because you don’t have them, you blame them for inaction?

Sounds like a bit of a cop out to me.

2 thoughts on “How badly do you want it?

  1. The web is filled with “writers” whining about all the reasons they cannot write, revise, edit or sell their work. Puh-leeze. Ass in chair. Work hard. Repeat.
    Both of my books, published by NY houses, received 25 rejections each from other, less adventurous publishers. I’ve been through six agents.

    If you want it badly enough (do you?), you make it happen.


    1. My sister and I have this saying between that we remind each other about whenever something isn’t working the way we want to in life.

      “You obviously don’t hate it enough to change it, so stop complaining”

      I guess much like ‘how badly do you want it’, I think it’s a poignant question to ask yourself (and others) regularly to determine if they’re really committed to change and/or an outcome or if it’s just lip service.

      99% of the time I find it’s the latter.


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