The power of validation

When we have a particular view (or wish to have a particular view) on something, we tend to first look around for evidence to validate our views.

This might be anything from people, pop culture, resources even to symbols including horoscopes and the word ‘fate’. The validation we seek can be to change our body image to our career or even changing the world.

Whilst I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years from my days at Feedia etc, it wasn’t until the other day that I decided to have a new serious crack at penning my thoughts and building a community of people that perhaps share similar views to me.

And it occurred to me, why?

Well communities are built on creating a range of views and opinions but often centred around a few specific goals. And to help us achieve those goals we look for those who share our vision, passion, energy, opinions etc as more hands makes light work.

Finding validation isn’t about shutting out opposing views but rather creating strength in numbers for the views you do have. It makes the world less lonely and your focus and determination to succeed feel more rewarding and meaningful. After all you represent something now bigger than just you.

After writing my first few posts, I received some replies from an author called Caitlin Kelly. Caitlin recently published the book “Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail” which draws from her experience working for The North Face for two years. It looks like a very interesting read and for those out there interested in all perspectives in the retail supply chain, I recommend you buy a copy.

I have no idea how Caitlin found my blog but the fact is she did and she shares my views on the breakdown of perceived equal value exchange. It felt nice that someone else out there in the world feels the way I do and they took the time to reach out and give me a thumbs up. I guess we all like validation and it’s not always a negative thing to have.

It’s certainly motivated me to keep publishing and I definitely see it as a pay-it-forward type commodity.

So who can you validate today? Maybe it’s just a thumbs up, a recommendation or taking the time to stop and authentically compliment their effort. Either way, it’s amazing how a validation could be the very thing that person in the corner needs today to get back on their horse and give it one more try. So thanks Caitlin. 🙂

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