50 things I want in a girl – The Official List

Well due to popular demand from my post yesterday, The list of 50 things I want in a girl, here is my full list of 50 things I want in a girl. Yes some things are specific. We all have our specifics so this isn’t being discriminatory or judgemental of others but rather what I like in life.

This list of 50 things was written a few years ago and was cleaned up/updated recently for the benefit of my lovely readers. I will preface this list to say that I will match this list equally (apart from the girly things I can’t control haha) as I’m all about equality and having a partner-in-crime, not a doormat or a boss.

Now since writing this list all those years ago, I did refine my thoughts into one simple point. It still encompasses all these points but it makes it sounds less intimidating/wanky.

I like to imagine the scenario that should my girl/partner/wife be leading by example or explaining her reasoning to my/our child, would I agree or would I be horrified?

Now I know this sounds intense coming from a guy and perhaps I think about it more than the average bloke, but hey I’m not an average bloke and I wish more people gave thought to the decisions that they make for their futures.

Surprisingly since writing this post however, I had many guys and girls talk with me about my list and it gives me comfort to know I’m not alone, maybe I’m just the first to openly publish what we’re all thinking/wanting.

The list of 50 things
(in no particular order)


1 Looks after her hair, skin and nails
2 Looks after her body with exercise and diet
3 Is shorter than me or the same height
4 Has a nice smile and looks after her teeth
5 Has a stylish/sophisticated fashion sense
6 No pointless or meaningless tattoos
7 Isn’t overweight or heavier than me
8 Smiles with her eyes
9 Healthy tan and doesn’t live in a solarium
10 Natural beauty and doesn’t live caked under makeup


11 Has a creative outlet in her life
12 Can compose herself and understand time and place
13 Is diplomatic and ladylike in her approach
14 Laughs when she’s happy and cries when she’s sad. No poker faces!
15 Is sensitive and giving to the people she loves
16 Wants and loves children and animals
17 Has patience for herself and others
18 Likes to hold hands and public displays of affection
19 Doesn’t get separation anxiety because of a work trip etc
20 Takes the time to feed her own soul with hobbies, reading etc


21 Has her own friends and time to herself
22 Is able to initiate and lead a conversation
23 Contributes to a situation – lends a hand, just does it because can see it needs doing etc
24 Has a compatible sense of humour
25 Remembers birthdays and events
26 Doesn’t flake on her social commitments unless very good reason
27 She’s the girl who always takes a gift to a dinner party or after borrowing something
28 Has a detailed vocabulary and is able to adapt her language to the company
29 Likes to party and have fun but isn’t defined or dictated by it
30 Isn’t a heavy drinker, smoker or a drug user. I don’t want to be with a drug user.


31 Must be responsible with money
32 Isn’t wasteful or an excessive consumer
33 Able to articulate and consider both sides of a situation and can contribute new perspectives
34 Honours her commitments and doesn’t leave me hanging
35 Likes an intellectual debate/discussion
36 Has a strong and honourable work ethic – there’s no free lunch
37 Able to research and discover information on her own
38 Can co-ordinate and organise stuff
39 Able to budget and be resourceful
40 Can negotiate and hustle (or at least try)


41 Can cook, clean and sew (or will try!)
42 Is prepared to try new things and experiences, travel etc
43 Can spell and communicate with correct grammar
44 Takes good care and pride of her property, home etc
45 Keeps her word and doesn’t think it’s ok to lie/exclude information
46 Is a confident communicator without cryptic games
47 Gives massages 😀
48 Is creative, freaky and consuming in bed
49 Kisses and hugs me with her whole body
50 Is creative and musical (plays, listens, enjoys)

Have you created a list yet? Maybe it’s not fifty but many people have told me that they have at least ten!

To me, this isn’t about being a hard arse but rather just knowing what you want in life. I’d like to think the girl I meet has her own list and to take comfort in that if we’re dating, we both must consider each other pretty darn special for many reasons and so it’s worth fighting for. 🙂

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