“Greatness” – pass it on.

I remember the day my grandfather died. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. You don’t ever forget.

He was brilliance personified to me. My whole life I had lived in the shadow of greatness and I knew I would have big shoes to fill but I was determined to do it. I still remember the speech I gave at his funeral at only eighteen years old and how calm I was at the time. I only had one message for the people in my eulogy to him but ten years on, my words find me better today so here it is slightly modified.

We witnessed greatness in our very own lifetime but risk considering it the benchmark – the place we aspire to. But what if it is in fact the place to start from and to build upon? We are all brilliant in our own ways and if you truly want to honour him; to ensure his efforts do not go to waste, then proudly acknowledge all he did then work tirelessly to be greater.

Today, Steve Jobs, an icon of our time passed away. In death we are always drawn to reflect upon our own lives, the work we are doing, the relationships we have and effectively take a quiet moment to consider our own mortality.

Did I do what I wanted to do? Did I really try my best or just say I did? Was I genuinely happy? Will anyone remember me? What will I leave behind and was it worth it? When will it happen and how?

For some it renders fear; others it instills motivation.

I ask this of you – look at the life that Steve led and see what he achieved as the new place to start. It’s our turn to run with the ball and the mental ceiling of what is possible has now been lifted.

If his passing symbolises the birth of your decision to be great on your own merit, then he will have done more in death than he could in life.

You can choose to see this as a loss and reason to predict doom and gloom with your head in your hands, or you can choose to shed a tear of happiness for a life well lived. Please realise that unlike Steve, you still have the power to learn, to grow and the choice to do great things.

Steve’s work is complete now and with proud applause, we tip our hats farewell.

Your legacy however is still ahead of you – so roll up your sleeves and please choose wisely while you can.

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