You can’t switch the music off

The one thing that gets me up every day is music. Listening to it, playing it, writing it, thinking about it, performing it, discovering it, talking about it.

It’s only been recently that I’ve really acknowledged how much it dominates my life. Back home in Australia, I was obsessed with music in my car opting to spend lots of money on upgrading everything to make sure it could sound as good as it possibly could. I completely ignored those who thought I was ‘wasting my money’ because I just saw them as people who didn’t understand.

It didn’t matter what was happening in my life, it was my outlet. Angry, happy, sad, frustrated, excited, winning and losing – my car had the right track for me and it was how I kept myself sane in the private kilometres between my ‘real life’.

Upon selling my car, I was devastated at the loss of my personal escape. So I opted to buy a pair of high quality headphones to try and keep the warm rich tones and enveloping feeling of being consumed by a beat in my day. They’re good but they’re just not the same.

Fortunately my housemate also loves high quality audio and he recently invested in a beautiful pair of NHT floor standing speakers and we’ve had many quiet mellow moments just bathing in their glory.

When I walk the streets of SF and I have my headphones on, to lying on our rug listening to our speakers to being in the recording studio and just hearing my guitar, I’m taken to another place where time and consequence doesn’t exist.

I can imagine that this is what true love is like. When the world stops and you can peel of hour after hour, one bar at a time without a second thought. I think I’d be lost without music. It’s my way of understanding the world, connecting with others, appreciating someone’s joy and another’s struggle.

It’s an amazing medium that has stood the test of time and despite who’s making money today and tomorrow, it will be a never ending commodity. It won’t run out as long as someone has a story to tell, fingers/feet to tap and the desire to connect with their emotions and the emotions of others.

I’m glad that I’ve spent the last six months studying music. I don’t feel it’s been an expense at all. Buying a sofa or a car is an expense. Buying the time to create music is something you really can’t right off, nor would you want to. I can’t wait to teach my children my love of music and hope they feel the same way.

What is the music of your life? Regardless of the ups and downs in your life, what is the thing that is always there? The thing that keeps you emotional, that keeps you alive, that takes you to that place in your mind where the real you lives?

For some it’s writing, others it’s drawing/painting, some it’s music, some it’s talking, some it’s making things, some it’s cleaning, some it’s cooking and the list goes on. There’s something you do in your life that just comes so ridiculously naturally to you that for you miss a day, would be like you’ve just stopped breathing.

Some of us will throw everything we have at it regardless of the risk, some will do it in between their other daily lives trying to strike a balance and the rest will put it off, postponing it for another day often dying with regret.

We all have that one thing we can’t just ‘pause’ in our souls despite how reasonable, rational or sensible it may seem. What’s yours?

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