Where do the people go?

When we build software to replace jobs, machines to replace hands, ears and eyes, and algorithms to replace thinking, where do the people go? What do they do?

Not dissimilar to the Renaissance or the industrial revolution, people will evolve and invent new things – or die. Survival of the fittest and all that.

I can only imagine being alive when the plane or electricity were invented. Scepticism, fear, and change would soon lead to revelation and new experiences, skills, and thinking.

People grew because they were involved.

Unlike those eras, we can now bypass the people with our new creations and go straight to software and hardware. We don’t need to teach anyone because it can teach itself.

Our revolution is one where humans are competing with their imagination and a misguided prescription by a few of what’s good for the many. There’s surgery, then there’s butchery.

Remember experts from a bygone era who claimed smoking was good, asbestos was safe, and lead was cool.

Are we those experts today? So right in our assertions, until we aren’t?

I feel like we are all standing outside in the rain while the last few people mop the floor while backing out the door. As the lock clicks shut to a now empty building, someone asks “I’m cold. Couldn’t we have designed it in a way that we didn’t end up outside?”

Only to be met with the reply, “Ugh, you guys don’t get it. This is progress and it’s better this way.”

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