Why Dig Deeper?

I think there’s a little bit more in everyone. Another try, another look, another moment. Too often, we are quick to judge, quick to assume, quick to rule, and quick to absolutely define. This hasty nature can be mistaken as efficiency and progress, but in actual fact causes us to lose empathy, lose depth, and reinforce dogma.

Whether it’s from pushing yourself physically, to racking your brain over and over before making a decision, or simply taking another deep breath before you give up, there’s always an opportunity to dig deeper. In fact, success at the elite level – where records are broken and new thinking is unlocked – only happens because someone dug deeper than anyone else was willing to, or able to before them.

The question is, beyond the ability, do you have the courage and willingness to dig deeper than anyone else; to ask questions that might upset the status quo; to see perspectives that might not be popular; to understand a topic to an extent that may cause discomfort?

If you want to change the world, help people, or aim to give more than you take, you must dig deeper. The most common regret of those on their death bed is ‘I wish I had the courage to…” People who realize in their last moments (when there’s nothing left to lose), that they could have tried more. They could have dug deeper.

2 thoughts on “Why Dig Deeper?

  1. “Thriving is the antithesis of Surviving, you have to be able to die every moment to truly Thrive” – From the book “Thrive” exactly your first sentence here. Love it, live by it luckily effortlessly.


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