Love ain’t all you need

In 1968, the Beatles released their single, “All you need is love”, a four chord pop song that would become the 20th century anthem for solving the world’s most complex dilemmas. The problem with love however, is that everyone has a different definition of it. Whether it’s god, coffee, sports teams, politics, or over/under toilet paper, there are multiple interpretations of the same thing, and … Continue reading Love ain’t all you need

Quality is an attitude, not a list of features

If you’re in the business of selling quality, you must be patient, open, adaptable, empathetic, and educated about behavioral psychology. If you can’t or won’t do this, get another job. Quality is not sold by simply repeating features, berating competing products, or growing impatient when people ‘don’t get it’. It’s also not sold with arrogance or complaining. It’s about connecting your values, with another person’s, in a … Continue reading Quality is an attitude, not a list of features

The lost art of card giving

Once upon a time when it was a friend or family member’s birthday, graduation, wedding, after party thanks, or just good fortune, there was an elegant yet popular craft to wishing them well. It was regular practice to give and receive cards with a hand written sentiment inside. In order to give someone a card, I had to get out of bed, shower, get dressed, and … Continue reading The lost art of card giving

Learn to master the art of gratitude with us

A friend of mine recently sent me an article on the value of gratitude in the realm of success and fulfilment. The premise of the author is that one’s ability to express gratitude is a refined and honed skill, similar to a physical work out or any other learned behaviour. Improving your ability to see, feel and express gratitude will have a positive effect on … Continue reading Learn to master the art of gratitude with us